Oh Deer God (Screen Print)

Oh Deer God (Screen Print)


While researching for this print I came across an article that said the Jagermeister logo (a deer inside a ring with a cross over its head) stood for: Oh Deer God. Those of you who've ever woken up after after a Jäger Bomb-filled night can find some truth to this.

This piece started as a linocut (see the b/w image) and then I burned the print onto a screen to introduce color. I made stencils using tracing paper and black paint pens for the other three colors. This is a 4 color screen print.

The paper size is 10in x 10in on French's Paper.
The image size is 8in x 8in
This is the 2nd edition

This print will be sandwiched in cardboard and tucked into a bubble mailer for safe transport

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